Wood Floor Restoration and Sanding

Wood flooring, solid wood or engineered wood, has a natural wood surface which looks great but can show wear over time in high traffic areas or be damaged by dragging furniture with sharp feet.

The good news is that wood floors can be restored by sanding and refinishing to make it look as new as the day it was installed.

The number of times a wooden floor can be sanded will depend on whether it’s solid or engineered and the thickness of the wood.

Our method

  • Carry out any necessary repairs, mechanical sanding of wood flooring, grading the fineness of papers until a very fine (flat grain) is achieved
  • Coating with stain (if required)
  • Primer if necessary and the correct number of coats of the chosen finish. The finishing products must be allowed to dry according to the manufacturers recommendations before further coats are applied to ensure the product performs as it should

What to look out for

Use professional products (not DIY) from proven manufacturers. It’s essential to understand how each of the preparations for each stage will combine to avoid adverse chemical reactions that can cause failure of the finished surface.

We are always happy to provide test samples when a more unusual finish is being sought.


We work with several major suppliers of restoration products including Bona and Osmo.